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As we close another term at Glenmoor and Winton Academies, I want to reflect on the remarkable achievements and experiences we've shared over the past few months. Our students have truly embraced the opportunities for growth and enrichment offered to them. Whether it was challenging themselves on Duke of Edinburgh expeditions, demonstrating their mathematical skills in the Intermediate Maths Challenge, or immersing themselves in the world of Shakespeare during the Year 11 Macbeth theatre trip, their enthusiasm and dedication have been inspiring.

The House Olympiads brought out the best in our students, fostering a sense of healthy competition and teamwork. Additionally, our Enrichment Week was a tremendous success, not only in terms of the diverse activities offered but also in raising over £2000 for charitable causes. I want to extend my sincere appreciation to all Year 10 students who took part in the Head Boy and Girl process. The final three students from both schools presented outstanding campaign pitches, showcasing their commitment to improving opportunities for everyone in our community.

I would like to say farewell to Mr Todd, a beloved member of our staff who will be pursuing new challenges incorporating A-level teaching, we express our gratitude for his contributions and wish him the very best for the future.

As the Easter holidays approach, I encourage all students to take this time to rest and recharge. For Year 11 students, the Easter revision conference will begin on Tuesday 2 April, providing essential support as they prepare for their exams.

Finally, a reminder to all parents and students that the new term begins on Monday 15 April. In closing, I want to thank our dedicated staff, supportive parents, and exceptional students for their continued commitment to excellence. Wishing you all a peaceful and restful Easter holiday.

Leon Lima



Wow, what an amazing trip! We thought we’d have fun, we thought it would be action packed, but we certainly didn’t realise just how incredible it would be and how much we would enjoy it! 

Day 1 

After an early start at GW and looking smart in our brand-new tour tracksuits, we set off for Manchester. It was a long journey, but with snacks a plenty, plus a service station stop with a tasty KFC, we arrived safely and ready for our first trip to the Etihad Stadium, home of World, European and Premier League champions Manchester City. 

We had the pleasure of taking part in the excellent stadium tour – something which turned out to be very informative and enjoyable. We started by sampling what it is like to sit in the stands before moving on to the home changing room. What an experience it was to see where players such as Kevin De Bruyne, Erling Haaland, Phil Foden and Jack Grealish sit every week. Miss Bowen was in her element and had to get a picture with John Stones’ jersey. The tour was finished off with a walk pitch side and alongside the dugouts where the genius Pep Guardiola takes his position – then onto the press conference room where we had pictures with the man himself! 

Already a packed day, but we weren’t finished yet, we still had our games to play! 

Winton students were dropped off first with their stand in coach for the weekend Miss Bowen. U13 Winton side were playing a local Manchester club, nerves were showing in the first half and plenty of missed opportunities. Miss Bowen gave what can only be described as an epic team talk channelling her inner Pep. They went back on pitch, and it was incredible. The passing, moving, possession game and the press! We won this game 5-0 and it was brilliant to see the team play the way they did. Encouragement, teamwork and great sportsmanship.  

Onto Glenmoor who faced a tough game against a local side from the Denton area of Greater Manchester. It was a particular challenge as it was the against a team a school year older than us. The game itself was a back-and-forth affair with Glenmoor defending resolutely. It was Jazz W who found the back of the net first giving the team a lead slightly against the run of play. This gave Denton the impetus to attack to get back in the game and they did draw level just before the half-time whistle was blown. 

Onto the second half which was a very even contest that didn’t feature many chances for either side. Both teams were starting to tire and intensity had naturally dropped. It was here where Denton took the lead. A lesser team would have shut down – not Glenmoor. Despite relentless pressure and having to defend, Glenmoor stayed strong and attacked whenever they could. 

Our perseverance paid off and despite not having many chances in the game, Glenmoor scored a late equaliser. This was reward for the never say die, never give up attitude of this brilliant team. A hard-fought draw was earned, and a lot learned from playing against tough opposition. 

After a busy day, it was time to get to our Old Trafford hotel for dinner and lights out, along with a mattress move but that's another story...... 

Day 2 

After having a wonderful Hilton Hotel breakfast, we made our way to the Etihad Stadium again, this time to watch Manchester City vs Everton. With our fantastic seats, we had a superb view of a Premier League game. The game finished 2-0 thanks to a brace from Norwegian striking superstar Erling Haaland. The game was thoroughly enjoyed by all – well except Mr Doyle, who watched his beloved Everton lose ANOTHER game. 

After the game had finished, we made the short walk to the Etihad Campus where both teams split off to take part in a training. We had the pleasure of using the incredible facilities, including the incredible indoor training centre. Both teams worked on their attacking setups and picked up some brilliant advice from the excellent Manchester City coaches. Despite some tired students and teachers, we round off the day with a fun trip for a game of bowling. 

Day 3 

Day 3 began with a very early start, up at the crack of dawn for breakfast, before heading off for another training session at the Etihad Campus. We were so impressed at the phenomenal work the students put in despite the busy schedule we had. We learnt so much from the training and it provided us with so many beneficial points to take back with us. After another morning of training, we headed off for our final few activities. Firstly, we visited the National Football Museum. With the history of football all in one building, it was a fascinating look into many aspects of the game including media, technology, equipment and trophies from past and present. Our final event was watching Man City U23s vs Wolves U23s and a glimpse at some of the stars of the future. 

We had come to the end of our trip. It was an incredible weekend filled with everything you could want from a football tour – what a weekend! 



On the 14th March, the year 7 Glenmoor rugby team were invited to take part in the Love Rugby Initiative. The aim is to promote participation of girl's rugby prior to the forthcoming Women’s World Cup, next year. Only 30 school from across the country had the honour of being invited to this exciting day and Glenmoor was very proud to be amongst them. 

The day started with a touch tournament held at the Richmond Rugby Club. We played schools from Liverpool, London, Birmingham, Berkshire. Initially, the team were tentative and apprehensive, but when they realised that we were very evenly matched with other schools their confidence grew! We finished the morning having lost 2 matches and won 2, but more importantly was the fact that we were playing as a team. 

A lunch of chilli and rice was then served in the club house, before we got into the minibus to make our way across to Twickenham. 

The main event of the day was playing on the Twickenham pitch for the year 7 showcase. The National schools cup finals were being played throughout the day, and our mini tournament was taking to the pitch in between the U16 Boys final and the U18 final. 

It was amazing to come through the tunnel and into the stadium which seemed so much bigger in real life than watching on the television. England Red Rose Amber Reed was pitch side welcoming the girls to the ground and cheering on play from the side line. 

Our first game on the Twickenham pitch was against a school from Worcester. They went ahead, but it didn't take long for the girls to be playing supportive running rugby and offloading the ball before being touched. When the game ended, we had won by one try. The second game was against a team from Somerset and as we were getting ready to kick off Harrow school supporters had filled the stand alongside our pitch. Angel S picked up a fumbled ball and was off running directly at the space and down the wing; it was amazing to hear the cheers of support that came from the stand all spurring her on! That clearly increased her confidence and she went on to score another 2 tries in the game, there's not many pupils who can say they scored a hat trick in Twickenham!!

Mr May was also delighted to have the opportunity to referee a match on the pitch and had polished his boots for the occasion. 

It was such a privilege to have the opportunity to take the students on a trip like this. They played with great spirit throughout the day and it was a pleasure to be in their company. 




What a fantastic start to our DofE expedition season...

On Thurs 21 March – Sat 23 March 16 students embarked on their silver Practice Expedition around the Purbecks. Walking over 16km a day for three days with all of their equipment on their backs; those hills must have felt like Mount Everest!

The groups worked really well to navigate across the Purbecks, taking in breathtaking views form Corfe Castle, Anvil Point Lighthouse and Win spit quarry. Navigating across different terrains before battling the cold winds whilst cooking dinner and setting up camp.

The Duke of Edinburgh aims to empower young people; to support them as they learn new skills, overcome obstacles, and build confidence and resilience. Well, these students have certainly done that with what they have undertaken and completed in their practice expedition. They should all be very proud of what they have achieved!

We are extremely excited for the 80 students that have signed up for Bronze award this year as they embark on their challenge and find out just what they can achieve next term when they complete their training day and practice expedition.




On Monday 18th and Tuesday 19th March, our year 10 students were fortunate to undertake a financial advice workshop to educate them and support them with their future financial decisions. This workshop was delivered by Jess Baudry, owner of True Mortgages. During the workshop students covered many topics including:


•     The process for first time buyers, property prices and deposit amounts.

•     Types of jobs and corresponding salaries.

•     Typical outgoings for a first home, including costs of council tax, utilities etc.

•     Cost of renting vs the Cost of a mortgage.

•     Loan to Value - How the level of deposit affects mortgage rates available.

•     Your credit file, the importance of avoiding bad credit and how lenders view debt.

•     The power of saving and one small change like a daily coffee at Costa and how much you can save for the year.


Jess gave really positive feedback around our students' behaviours and in particular their attention and passion to ask questions. Within the workshop, students were asked to complete a quiz regarding the key topics, of which many students scored highly. A massive well done goes to the year group for how they have engaged with this workshop and a big well done also goes to Ben G for winning a £50 amazon voucher for his efforts.



Year 7 took up an optional challenge homework to make an ergonomic phone design for a teenage market. They did really well putting into practice the theory we have learnt in class about ergonomics, anthropomorphic data and customer demographics.

Year 9 product design students have also been practicing electronics skills and have made a colour changing LED circuit. Students then used different techniques to make them into night lights.


In a creative fusion of technology and craftsmanship, Year 9 students have embarked on an illuminating journey. Under the guidance of their design technology teachers, they’ve crafted captivating nightlights that not only light up rooms but also reflect the essence of our coastal town.


Visit from Local Chef - James Fowler of the Larderhouse, Southbourne. 

Article written by Bailey King Yr10

On the 18th March, we had a local chef come in to talk to us about sustainable living and reducing waste in the food industry. He talked about how to cook with food that would not necessarily be sold in supermarkets and how we should use free-range, local ingredients. In his restaurant, he uses fish from eco-friendly fishers who do not do mass fishing and forages for vegetables, truffles and other ingredients. All his meat is supplied from local farms and his menu is constantly updated to fit the seasonality of foods. His sustainable restaurant helps us with our waste not, want not brief where we should use locally sourced, in-season ingredients like he does. 




Year 7 have been looking at the artist Michael Reeder who's work links to street art and skate culture. They have developed a collage response to his work. They developed skills in using chalk and charcoal, stencil printing in blocks of colour patterns, water colour painting and collaged all the elements together to finish their response.



This half term, select Year 9 students engaged in weekly workshops creating gargoyle inspired clay heads. Students referenced medieval architecture, mythology, nature’s wonderful creatures, and films with fantastical character designs. They produced their own sculptural design sheets, before learning clay modelling techniques and producing their outcome.



Year 10 Photography students have had a great term and explored different ways creating images through to edits in the style of photographers. We had a creative and exploratory session with making patterns and blended solutions in Petri dishes and recording different stages as the solution changed. They tried using different colour inks, oil to separate the inks and glitter to add particles. All students had a go at using the microscopic camera to capture some macro images; some solutions were amazing to see. The images they took were then turned into edits in the style of Dana Montlack. Students have now started the next workshop using portraiture.


Year 11 observational drawing included exploring and developing alternative drawing systems by using 'Ink and Stick' to create a detailed study of the skulls. Drawing by Rowan Spick.


Art club have been working on self-portraits using oil pastel. They were inspired by the artist Nikos Gyftakis who creates portraits where the faces look like they are swirling and flowing.



  • Since the options evening took place on the 21st February - all year 9’s who wanted a careers appointment have now had one.
  • On the 22nd February we had our Careers Champion Meeting which involved the careers leader and teacher representatives from all the subjects to discuss careers within the curriculum.
  • Careers Week - March 4th to March 8th

This involved every year group and everyone had at least one dedicated careers lesson that week. We also had visitors from Nationwide Building Society to showcase their financial education programme entitled ‘Money Lessons’ Nationwide launched Money Lessons across the UK in April 2022, it’s a programme designed to provide financial education to our future generation.

Their programme aims to empower and equip young people with the knowledge, skills and confidence to take charge of their financial wellbeing to build a more secure future for themselves and their families. It covered a wide range of topics including Banking, Savings, Borrowing and Debt, as well as keeping you and your money safe. The content design was co-created with teachers to ensure it aligns to the national curriculum for Years 1 through to Year 13.

Below is a photo of all the volunteers that helped cover the 12 classes across the two days. These volunteers came from various roles within Nationwide. We had an array of job levels from case owners entry roles right up to senior operations managers.

  • March 19th – We held a Work Experience Parents Evening where parents with any questions surrounding the upcoming year 10 Work Experience were invited to come in.


Work Experience (Year 10) 8th-11th July 2024

Firstly, a massive thank you to all the students who have sourced a placement and have already uploaded their placement onto UniFrog. Can we please request that all students who haven’t done so already try to source their placements during the Easter Holidays and upload the details onto UniFrog. If any student needs support with this – they can make an appointment to see our GW Careers Lead Jane Mortimer during the week commencing 15th April and she will be more than happy to assist the students with any queries relating to work experience.

Also if you have already put your placement into UniFrog – can you log in and double check if its stuck with a parent or placement lead, as it sometimes goes into SPAM folders in their inboxes and just give them a gentle nudge to approve it and then it can come back to us so that we can see your placement has been confirmed.

Unifrog (KS3)

Could all Year 7, 8 & 9 students make sure that they can sign into UniFrog as after Easter there will be some homework set on there that will need completing.


In a recent Q&A session, Rohan Ewels, Winton’s esteemed Head Boy of 2017 and now a fourth-year medical student at the University of Exeter, shared his remarkable journey with over 100 students. 

Rohan offered invaluable insights into navigating the demands of medical school, drawing from his own experiences. Moreover, he took the opportunity to dispel common myths surrounding higher education, providing clarity and guidance to aspiring scholars. Rohan’s inspiring anecdotes and practical advice left attendees feeling empowered and better equipped for their academic endeavours.

If you wish to share your alumni story, please fill out the following form:


Eco club will now run on Monday’s afterschool in GL12, 3.10 to 3.45pm. Students in this club will learn about environment issues and solutions. We will learn about biodiversity, recycling, reducing waste as well as making recycled and upcycled decorations and art.

All are welcome to come and join us.

In addition GW is planning for the first ever Green Fayre.

Friday 21st June 4.30 to 7pm

This aims of this event are: 

  •  to promote a better environment for our students and the community: enhancing biodiversity, improving air quality and increasing access to, and connection with, nature in and around education and care settings. 
  • to fundraise the create an in-school recycling hub

We are looking for parents/ carers to participate by running stalls or workshop. A booking form will be available in April.


Year 8 Glenmoor Football (Mr Doyle)

The current County Cup defending champions have made it their priority to retain the trophy they won with such conviction last year. After receiving a bye in the first round, Glenmoor faced a potential tricky tie against Lytchett away from home. In a thoroughly efficient performance, Glenmoor came away with a fantastic 3-1 win against a strong team. This set-up a quarter-final game against Colfox at home.

Incidentally, Colfox were the opponents in last year’s semi-final and provided a nervy match with Glenmoor gaining a 3-2 win. To highlight the improvement in the squad this year, Glenmoor came away this year with a thumping 6-0 win. After demanding more ruthlessness from the squad and requesting more responsibility in front of goal, the team certainly took out their frustrations on their opponents. Isobel P bagged her first goal for the school alongside Nyla B who bagged a brace. Izzy S scored a wonder goal from a corner, thanks in part to a lovely flick-on assist from Ruby G. The win would lead to a semi-final against St. Michael’s – a rematch of last year’s final.

The squad insisted on double training sessions to prepare – they were determined to make back-to-back finals! After working on specifics in training, such as attacking passing, defensive structure, and set-pieces.

Into the semi-final we went. On a blustery, wet, and sodden day, the girls turned up at St. Michaels with a real determination. There were naturally some nerves as we had only beaten St. Michael’s 1-0 in last year’s final with it being a very tight game.

Within 30 seconds of kick-off, Nyla slotted from close range to give us the perfect start. Alex S quickly added a second before Nyla once again scored with a delicious finish. In awful conditions, the team showed a real relentless performance, not letting standards slip. Another shining example of progress is how in the previous year this was a tight game, now, Glenmoor showed their development as a team, winning 5-1.

The team can look forward to a second final in as many years. It is testament to this team how hard they have worked. They can now look forward to another final and you can bet we will do everything in our power to bring that trophy home!

Well done Glenmoor on another incredible season so far!    

Winton Rugby (MR Carey)

Winton Rugby has continued to excel, showcasing its strength and prowess. 

In Year 7, the team displayed remarkable performance in fixtures against Avonbourne, Poole High, Allenbourne, and BSB, boasting high attendance and a plethora of eager talents vying to represent the academy.

Year 8 faced formidable opponents including PGS, BSB, Allenbourne, and St. Edwards, triumphing in all their matches. Moreover, they demonstrated their skills and resilience in adverse weather conditions during the 10's and 7's tournaments held in Swanage and Wareham.

Year 9's have an opportunity to participate in 'Touch to Twickenham', a touch rugby tournament event where, if successful, students of both Glenmoor and Winton would be able to take to the turf of Twickenham stadium. Wednesdays 15:00- 16:15 is when they are training.

The Year 10 team also had an outstanding run in recent tournaments, notably in Rugby 7's, where they emerged victorious against PGS, Highcliffe, and All Saints School in Weymouth. Their impressive performance led them to a draw with QE in the finals, marking another highlight in their successful season. The team also narrowly lost to Ringwood School but performed extremely well. 


House Event: Around the World in Spring Term (Ms Brown)

This term students and staff have been competing to see which house could travel the furthest around the globe through exercise. All participants were completing a range of activities from running, cycling, swimming and even going on dog walks at the weekend whilst tracking how far they had completed their exercise. 

Rowling House had a strong lead for the first 3 weeks of term remaining in first place and travelling all the way to France. King and Ennis house were also in the running being in second and third place but had not left Dorset. But by week 4 Wilson house had jumped to 3rd place with a total of 470km taking them all the way to the Netherlands! Attenborough house also crept up to first place in week 4 from joint last travelling all the way to Germany! 

All was to play for in the final week of term! Will Attenborough remain in first place? Can Rowling reclaim the top spot? Will King and Ennis house travel further than England? All shall be revealed in tutor time on the first day back! 

House Update: Spreading Kindness with the "Yours Sincerely Project" (Ms Ringrose)

We are delighted to share the heartwarming success of the "Yours Sincerely Project," a wonderful initiative where students extended messages of companionship to the elderly members of our local community who may be experiencing isolation and loneliness.

Students involved wrote heartfelt letters, offering words of encouragement, sharing stories, and asking insightful questions to form a bond with our invaluable elderly community. Through these small gestures, we were able to brighten the days and uplift the spirits of those who may be feeling disconnected from the world around them.

We extend our sincere gratitude to all the students who participated in the "Yours Sincerely Project," as well as to Prama Care, for their invaluable partnership in supporting our local community. Students giving up their time have made a meaningful difference in the lives of others, reminding us all of the power of compassion and connection.

House Update: "Thank a Teacher Postcard Project" (Ms Ringrose)

This term our "Thank a Teacher" Postcard Project went live, where students from Years 7 to 10 took the opportunity to express their gratitude to the dedicated teachers and staff members who have made a positive impact on their lives at the Academies. The response was overwhelming and our dedicated House Captains delivered these to our staff, putting a huge smile on their faces!

Ennis House Update: Junior Detectives Unravel the Mystery! (MS Ringrose)

We're thrilled to announce the resounding success of the recent "Murder Mystery" event organized as part of the GW Olympiad this half-term. Over 300 enthusiastic students eagerly stepped into the shoes of junior detectives, ready to crack the case wide open!

The atmosphere was electric as students immersed themselves in the intricate web of clues and suspects, showcasing their analytical skills and collaborative spirit. With determination and ingenuity, they pieced together the puzzle, unravelling the mystery one clue at a time.

The event not only sparked excitement but also fostered critical thinking and teamwork among participants. It was a testament to the incredible talent and dedication within our school community. We extend our heartfelt congratulations to all the junior detectives who contributed to the success of the "Murder Mystery" event. Your enthusiasm and commitment exemplify the spirit of the GW Olympiad and the vibrant energy of our House system here at the Academies.

Stay tuned for more thrilling adventures and collaborative endeavours as we continue to celebrate curiosity, creativity, and camaraderie at GW!

Attenborough House Update (MS Fraser)

This term has been another exciting term for the houses. We have had the next Olympiad event – The GW Escape room. A special shout out to all the Attenborough students across the year groups who turned up to support our house and be the best detectives they could to figure out who killed Ms Ozanne! Well done to the Year 7 and Year 9 teams who solved the mystery and achieved a large number of points for Attenborough House.

Well done to all the pupils who continue to achieve lots of positive points, stamps and the MVP winners for this term. You are the ones who are keeping us in the running in the yearly league table.

A special mention to all who got involved with Around the World in Spring Term. Pupils were asked to walk, run, swim or cycle as far as they could across this term to see which house to get the furthest around the world. Well done to Itrat, Scarlett , Etienne, George, Bronwyn, Ethan and all the Attenborough House teachers for getting involved!

The final week of this term we organised the charity events week. A number of exciting events for all pupils to get involved with from teacher sumo wrestling, teacher tug of war and the first ever inflatable fair!! All to raise money for the Marine Conservation Society.


What is Ramadan?

Ramadan is the holiest month in the Islamic calendar. The purpose of Ramadan for Muslims is to fast and abstain from things that are impure for our mind and body.

Ramadan is a month of worship, service, and spiritual development, every obligation is for our own benefit and comfort.
Zakat is one of the 5 pillars and in Ramadan, Zakat is encouraged and comes with many rewards. If they can, Muslims are obliged to give a charitable donation before the end of Ramadan.
Ramadan is a month for self-awareness and forgiveness. In Ramadan, Muslims should focus on worship and mercy from Allah, this is the perfect time for strengthening your faith as the Shaytan (devil) is locked up.
During Ramadan, how do Muslims open and break their fast?
1.    Suhoor translates to ‘the last part of the night’ referring to the fact the meal is eaten early in the morning, before the break of dawn.
2.    Iftar is the meal eaten by Muslims to break their fast every day after sunset. It is Sunnah, meaning “the way of the prophet”, to break your fast with a cup of water and dates.


Eid-Al-Fitr is a 3-day celebration that marks the end of Ramadan. It is celebrated different in every culture but no matter your origin, the Muslim community comes together.
Salat Al Eid is a prayer that’s prayed in the morning of Eid.
Eid is a day of celebration and joy. Many Muslims look forward to this day every year.

What to do:

  • Check in with your Muslim friends
  • Ask respectful questions about the practice and religion to show your interest and curiosity
  • Arrange to sit down in a different area during lunch where food is not such a temptation
  • Be patient, gentle and kind
  • Raise awareness of this month with non-Muslims (family, friends and relatives)

NEW! Diversity & Inclusion half term restaurant night out

This term, we had a restaurant evening and it was a great event! The first restaurant was ‘Uncle Glenns’, based in Boscombe. It is a family run Caribbean restaurant, which has recently opened in the last year. Miss Ringrose and Mr Khetia have had the opportunity to taste the food and can certainly say, along with the Caribbean atmosphere and music, the food is true to its Caribbean roots. 

Future events

NEW! Diverse Sports Week (next half term)

For the second year in a row, we are hosting a diverse sports week within our PE lessons WITH 2 NEW SPORTS! This will provide students an opportunity to engage in sports that typically they won’t be exposed to within the British curriculum. It also provides an opportunity for students to learn about the culture of these diverse sports from a paralympic perspective and a diversity perspective, with the focus being on inclusion for all. Students will participate in one of the following sports:
Seated volleyball – paralympic sport (
Kabaddi – sport from India (
Bossaball (without trampoline) – sport from Brazil (
Goalball – paralympic sport (
National League Football (NFL) – sport from USA (
New Sport! Tchoukball – sport from Switzerland
New Sport! Gaelic Football – Sport from Ireland

Bold Voices Update: International Women’s Day

It has been an exceptionally busy month for the Bold Voices campaign, with International Women’s Day in the month of March.
To celebrate the day, we were privileged to host former student Amy Jones, now a trailblazer and Creative Director at PR Company Hope and Glory. Amy generously donated her time to give back to International Women’s Day projects, choosing to come in and share her experiences and wisdom with our students, igniting a spark of motivation and ambition.

During her talk, Amy delved into various aspects of career development, shedding light on the significance of women in leadership roles and offering invaluable advice on crafting standout CVs. Her journey from our school corridors to professional success served as a beacon of possibility for our aspiring students.

Amy also engaged our students in an exciting creative brief, encouraging them to explore their innovative potential and hone their skills in real-world scenarios. The session was not just informative but also hands-on, fostering creativity and strategic thinking among our budding talents.
We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Amy Jones for her unwavering support and dedication to empowering the next generation. A fantastic way to celebrate International Women’s Day!

We were delighted to raise much needed funds and awareness through our mufti day on the last day of term for local charity BCHA. The money will go towards their ‘respite rooms’ which provide much needed refuge for local women and families who are experiencing domestic abuse or volatile situations within their homes.

Finally, a huge congratulations to our Bold Voices Ambassadors: Sienna, Summer, Millie, Andy, George and Mia. They have completed the 2023-2024 Ambassador Programme and we have received excellent feedback in regard to how they have conducted themselves, contributed to the programme and implemented amazing initiatives within our GW community. Well done!


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13-19 May

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