Year 7 Admissions 2022-23

Principal's Welcome

Sam Viney Principal of Glenmoor Academy Dear Parent / Carer, 
I am extremely proud to welcome your daughter to Glenmoor for her secondary school education. 
Our vision at Glenmoor Academy is ‘High Achievement, High Standards’ in all that we do and together we work to our core values of integrity, compassion and courage. We have very high expectations both of and for our students and my priority is to ensure all leave as well-rounded citizens. 
I am very proud that Glenmoor Academy is graded outstanding in all areas of its provision, achieving amongst the highest GCSE grades in maths and English in the country year on year and as Principal, I believe that in addition to the outstanding academic curriculum and outcomes, moulding well-rounded young people, with an education with character is just as important. As a Multi-Academy trust we have links with over 65 similar schools nationwide, therefore, students are able to access a huge number of extra-curricular opportunities from sporting and STEAM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) to expressive arts and Duke of Edinburgh Award, opportunities for student leadership, fundraising, house charity events and a variety of high quality off site educational trips. Extensive links are also well established with local businesses including JP Morgan and Barclays as well as local and Russell Group universities. 
As a principal, and a parent, I fully understand that for your child there is only one chance at education and because of this, I can assure you of my utmost commitment in ensuring that the experience your daughter encounters at Glenmoor is a hugely positive one. 
Very best wishes 
Sam Viney 

Head of Year 7 Welcome

Dear Parent/Carer, 

Firstly, I would like to thank you for choosing to send your child to Glenmoor Academy. We are very much looking forward to welcoming you and your child to the Academy in the near future.  

As Head of Year 7, I will be working closely with your child throughout their first year here at GW, with the immediate aim of settling them into school as quickly as possible. This vital first step is aided by the wonderful work of the form tutor, who will be your child’s first point of contact, should they have any questions, queries or issues that need addressing. Throughout your child’s first academic year at GW, my aim is to raise aspirations, attainment levels and attitudes of all the students within our year group so they are inspired to achieve the high standards and expectations we have here at our Academies. Our standards and expectations are exceptionally high at GW, from the moment they leave home wearing our uniform to the moment they return home later in the day, and I’m looking forward to seeing your child working to these standards.  

Throughout the academic year I will be ensuring all students within our year group are working to levels where they see progress, but are also challenged, in a vast range of subjects. Whilst support will be provided from all the year team towards academic progress, we are also here to support from a personal and pastoral perspective. I will always be available to discuss worries, concerns or any issues your child may be facing and help support them through any school struggles. Our exceptional pastoral team are consistently on hand to listen, support and enable your child to enjoy school and fulfil their academic and personal potential. Not only do we want them to excel academically, it is equally important they excel and develop into wonderful young adults, which starts with them being happy. Please be assured any issues, big or small, are important to us and we will do our upmost to ease these. 

I look forward to working closely with you and your child from September. 

Should you have any queries at this time, please do not hesitate to contact me:  

Kind Regards, 

Mr Reiffer 

Key Dates

  • Transition Day

    Transition Day - Friday 1 July 

    Your daughter is invited to join us for a Transition Day at Glenmoor Academy on Friday 1 July when she will have the opportunity to meet other students who will be joining the Academy. Please arrange for your daughter to arrive at Visitor Reception at 9.30am. 

    Your daughter will be met in Reception and will be directed into our Jon Egging Hall. Staff and students will be on hand throughout the day to help transition students find their way around the Academy. 

    The first part of the morning will be spent taking part in activities aimed at getting to know one another and becoming familiar with the Academy environment. During the course of the day, your daughter will also have the opportunity to experience sample lessons in a variety of subjects. We would be grateful if you could ensure that she has a notebook, pencil and pen with her on the day. 

    On this day all students will be expected to wear their primary/junior school uniform. 


    Lunch Arrangements for Friday 1 July 


    Please provide your daughter with a packed lunch on Friday 1 July. Hot food will not be able to be purchased on the day.  


    End of Day Arrangements for Friday 1 July 


    Our programme for the day will finish at 2.40pm, slightly earlier than the normal Academy time. Please note that on this day students will exit through Visitor Reception. 


    Any student waiting for an older sister or brother MUST remain in the hall to ensure they can be met safely at 3.00pm when the rest of the Academy finish lessons. 

  • First Day of Term

    Year 7 students will have an Induction Day on 5 September prior to their timetabled lessons commencing on 6 September. On this day, only Year 7 and Year 11 students will be on site.

    On 5 September, Year 7 students should arrive at the Glenmoor reception at 8:35am and go straight into the Jon Egging Hall where they will begin their induction with a presentation from key staff. They should wear their full Glenmoor Academy uniform.

    Please note that a PE kit is not needed on the Induction Day. Students should bring their pencil cases and a notebook.

    Please note that the canteen will not be accessible at this time, so please provide your daughter with a packed lunch on this day. 

    The Induction Day will finish at the normal time of 3pm.

    Induction and information sessions will be held for parents, further details on this will be sent to you later this term.


Please view the booklet below. If you have any admissions enquiries, please email office @ For any appeals enquiries, please email

Please click here for a virtual tour of the Academies.

Information Booklet

GW Values

The values that define the GW Community are:

Act with integrity

Speak with compassion

Work with courage

These values form the basis of everything that we do at the Academies from the way we learn in lessons, to the way we interact outside of the classroom.

These are expressed in the GW Way:

The GW Way

  • I always try my hardest and learn to the best of my ability 
  • I always do as I am asked, the first time I am asked 
  • I am in the right place at the right time doing the right thing 
  • I take pride in the presentation of my work and all exercise books
  • I take responsibility for my learning and the learning of others - this means I work well independently and within a team
  • I respect others, their opinions and their personal space 
  • I always have the correct equipment, look smart and am ready to learn

Tutor Groups

Glenmoor operates a horizontal, (year-based), tutoring system. Each student is also allocated to a House.  

The House System at Glenmoor has been a core aspect of the development of the Academy and is part of our #educationwithcharacter programme. Each student is allocated a house with house points being available throughout the year to decide who the annual House Champions are. These activities range from sporting competitions to debating; and from maths competitions to spelling bees. Attendance, achievement and effort are also rewarded through House Points and these count towards an overall House Points tally. 

The House System works vertically with students from Year 7 to Year 11 being part of a House. All members of staff and governors are also allocated a House team. We try and keep students who have siblings in the Academies in the same House. 

We encourage all students to participate in House competitions to enhance their future prospects. We also want students to develop a set of skills which will lead to successful employment in the future or support them in higher education. 



Students will study the following subjects in which they will generally focus on a new topic area each half term: 
English – language and literature 
Science – biology, chemistry, physics 
French or Spanish 

Students will have four 75-minute lessons every day and will move around the site so they can be taught these subjects in specialist areas by specialist teachers. 

Students will be given a Knowledge Organiser at the start of each academic year. This booklet sets out the key information they need to learn in each subject in each term. Students carry these booklets around with them and use them in lessons and are also expected to use them at home to support them with homework and to help them with revision for tests and examinations. In addition, to their main lessons, students have 35 minutes every morning with their form tutor. During this time, they are involved in reading books with their tutor group as part of our school reading programme and they will also have short lessons and discussions based around health and wellbeing.  

The statutory PSHE (personal, social, health and economic) curriculum is delivered through topics in different subjects across the curriculum, the tutor time programme, the assembly programme and through various one-off events throughout the school year. 

Academic Support for Targeted Students 

Students who arrive at Glenmoor Academy having not achieved the benchmark standard in maths and English (literacy) will be given additional support to boost their progress in their first year of secondary education and beyond. 

This support takes the form of additional literacy and numeracy lessons, most of which will take place during the Academy Day, although students may be asked to attend sessions before or after school. 

Some students will follow an adapted curriculum which means they will work with specialist English and Mathematics teachers. This may include being part of a specialist tutor group. Parents and carers will be fully consulted with if we feel your child would benefit from this intervention. 


At Glenmoor Academy, we are passionate about the importance of independent learning and study beyond the classroom. At the start of the school year a homework timetable (example below) is published to inform both parents and students when homework will be set. Students record their homework in their planners and are expected to spend approximately 30 - 60 minutes on each piece. 

To give students the very best opportunities and to keep parents fully informed, the Academy also publishes all set homework through This is an online site where both students and parents can log in to view the homework set by teachers, check the deadlines for submission and it is also a useful place where additional support materials, classroom resources and websites may be attached. These materials are also available in hard copy. Students are introduced to this during induction lessons in September. Students can use their school log-ins to access their timetable. This forum allows clear communication around homework, often one of the things students arriving at secondary school for the first time may have concerns about. 

In Year 7, students will receive English, mathematics and science homework weekly. Other subjects will set homework in line with their units of work. Most mathematics homework will involve students working on the Sparx Maths website and most English homework will involve students working on Sparx Reader or Bedrock website. Homework for most other subjects will involve students memorising information from their knowledge organisers. Students and parents will be introduced to these during the first few days of the school year. 

Parental Communication

Glenmoor Academy use electronic communication.

This means that the majority of communication you have from us will come via direct email rather than letters being posted or handed to your child.  The intention is that all relevant letters, including our newsletter, will be sent via email on a Friday morning. Urgent messages or reminders will also be sent to you via email and staff will make direct contact with you by phone if they need to speak to you about your child.

Keeping you informed

We know that it can be difficult to keep up with everything that is going on at a large secondary school like Glenmoor and we endeavour to make this as easy for you as possible. In addition to all the above, our website is continually updated with reminders about upcoming events and important dates and you can also access our Academy calendar through it.  Our newsletter is emailed to you each half term and is a great way of staying informed about Academy life. 

We also use Twitter and would highly recommend that parents and carers follow us @GlenmoorAcademy; many departments also have their own twitter accounts that you can follow.

Parental Online Portal

We encourage parent access to a Parental Online portal, which will provide information on your child’s behaviour, timetable, attendance and emergency contact information.  This is also the area where you will find consents for various activities and data usage and also may be used for parents’ evening booking and other activities. Parent Portal

Below is the ‘Parental Portal Acceptable Use Policy’. Your understanding of this policy and your agreement to it is crucial to provide a safe and reliable service for you and your child.

It is very important that you read the policy in detail. Any breach of it may result in withdrawal of your access to the system.

Access can only be granted if we have received an appropriate email address from the primary parent/carer. Once an email address has been received an email will be sent to you detailing a password and log in instructions. Alternatively you can click 'Forgot Password' and a password link will be sent to you.

The Grammar Stream “Engage, Contribute and Lead”

The Grammar Stream continues to evolve and is about to enter an extremely exciting stage of its development. Rather than comparing the old and new versions, we would like to focus on what your daughter may wish to participate in from October 2022.

The aims of the Grammar Stream:

  1. Develop the ‘academic breadth and ability’ of students beyond the normal provision of most secondary schools
  2. Encourage holistic growth of those individuals to help them succeed in whatever they choose to pursue in the future

Expectations of students and parents:

Set 1


Set 2

Set 3

Set 4

Set 5

Set 6

The Grammar Stream (from 2021 onwards) will consist of students who rank in the top echelons of their respective Year group and who commit to participate in certain ‘academic’ and ‘non-scholastic’ strands. The Grammar Stream runs parallel with Set 1, consisting of students from the top 60 of their Year group. Grammar Stream students not only fall within the top academic rankings, but they also strive to develop their all round character, as epitomised in the Grammar Stream motto ‘Engage, Contribute and Lead’.

Academic strands: Grammar Stream students will have access to an enhanced curriculum offer in the form of an additional twilight lesson per week. Lessons will follow academic ‘core’ subjects such as classics, politics, German or Italian. Students within the Grammar Stream will also experience additional introductory academic sessions within global perspectives, economics, sociology, psychology and philosophy. The aim of these sessions is to give students a broader curriculum, as well as offering them a taste of what they could eventually study at A-Level.

Grammar Stream students will then have the option of completing any of their chosen ‘core’ academic subjects to GCSE level from Year 10.

Non-scholastic strands: In addition to the academic strands, all Grammar Stream students will be expected to participate in two extra-curricular sessions per week. One of these ‘non-scholastic activities’ will be offered by Glenmoor and Winton Academies, and could include: music tuition (specific instruments TBC), elite sports coaching in cricket/football/rugby/netball, as well as robotics club and archery. The remaining activity can involve participation in a school club such as sports teams, debating club, student council, music, performing arts, Forest school etc. or a personal hobby or activity outside of school, such as dance, gymnastics, athletics, youth clubs and young carers.

Being a Grammar Stream student requires a commitment from both students and parents to fulfil the academic and non-scholastic criteria strands. Maintaining a position within the Grammar Stream will be reliant on meeting Grammar Stream criteria. This will be reviewed at the normal Academies’ assessment points.

Entry and retention, 2021 onwards:

All Year 7 students will complete a suite of baseline testing during Autumn term. The selection of students for the Grammar Stream is based upon the following (and will remain the same throughout Years 7-9):

  1. Having an overall rank above 60th
  2. Being in the top 30 for at least 3 subjects (not necessarily English, maths and science)
  3. Full participation in the academic and non-scholastic strands
  4. Maintaining an average attendance above 94%
  5. Maintaining high standards of behaviour, conduct and being a role model for others

After we have consulted the data, linked to the criteria above, we will contact those students who qualify for the Grammar Stream (in a descending order). There are 30-32 places available.

NB: There is no longer an early-entry system into the Grammar Stream at Glenmoor and Winton Academies, and the ‘golden tickets’ (based on other grammar school passes) are no longer valid. This means that all students are given equal opportunity to participate in the GS.

Glenmoor and Winton Provisions:

As you can see, being part of the Grammar Stream does require a lot of commitment and effort, but in addition to the expanded curriculum and non-scholastic activities, GS will receive the following:

Enrichment: This occurs during morning tutor times and varies from the normal provision for other tutor groups; Grammar Stream students participate in peer-mentoring, life skills, current affairs and careers. Every cohort also gets the opportunity to visit a university each year (Merton College in Oxford, Bournemouth and Southampton), as well as other trips which are subsidised.

Scholarship programme: We have established links with two prestigious Independent schools, which have resulted in an array of opportunities for those who graduate through our grammar stream. Surbiton High (near London) offers our students the chance to participate in workshops and a residential trip. Bryanston School (Blandford Forum) also offers workshops, as well as providing support for the non-scholastic activities including horse-riding, rugby and rowing (TBC).

Bursary: A financial bursary is available to support Grammar Stream students who wish to purchase a musical instrument or need support to pursue a particular activity – subject to a written application.

Mental Wellbeing: Support is provided for students and families, to help cope with the expectations of being in the Grammar Stream

Graduation: At the end of Year 9 all Grammar Stream students will receive a commendation, which describes their efforts over the previous years, an excellent addition to support applications to colleges and universities.

Key Stage 4 Enrichment: In Years 10 and 11, Grammar Stream students participate in academic tutor groups based on their individual needs eg. English, maths, science tutor groups. Alongside this, students will continue to receive enrichment support related to careers, further education destinations, mentoring and sessions including ‘Preparing for A-Level in…’, Joining the Armed Forces, Life at University and Finances & banking.

Uniform Requirements

At Glenmoor Academy we recognise the importance that personal presentation has on developing the workplace mind-set of our students and, as a result, we set high expectations with clear standards to ensure that students look smart during their day at the Academy. All of the items marked * must be purchased from our uniform supplier, Price & Buckland 

Uniform list:

  1. Academy logo navy blazer*
  2. Academy tartan skirt* or Academy grey trousers* (tight fitting, tapered, denim, chino, legging /jegging styles of trouser are prohibited. Trousers with visible buttons or buckles are also prohibited)
  3. Plain white cotton revered blouse
  4. Academy logo jumper (optional)*
  5. Black formal, leather or leather look shoes (see note below) that are void of any decoration (metal buckles, coloured parts, etc.)
  6. White ankle socks or navy/black tights

Please note – many shops will market “school shoes” that are not acceptable at this Academy.  For your support please see examples of footwear that are and are not acceptable.



Not acceptable:


A range of Academy school bags are available from Price & Buckland, our uniform provider.  They are not compulsory, however we recommend a sturdy rucksack or cross body bag for school.  Handbags will not be allowed.

PE Kit

  1. Academy logo white girls’ fit or unisex polo shirt*
  2. Academy logo navy shorts or skort*
  3. White socks (indoor)
  4. Navy football/hockey/netball socks (outdoor)
  5. Academy navy fleece top*
  6. Academy shower-proof sports top (optional) *
  7. Black sports leggings
  8. Shin pads for football (strongly recommended)
  9. Gum shield for rugby (strongly recommended)
  10. Trainers
  11. Football boots with non-metal studs (depending on activity)

Also recommended is a hair band to tie up long hair. A plastic bag for wet clothes and a towel is advisable. Black, navy blue or white base layers are permitted for outdoor lessons. Bright coloured base layers are prohibited.

The following items are not allowed as part of PE Kit – Jewellery, hats, scarves, gloves, thin leggings or tights as main lower body item of clothing as these can tear/become transparent after frequent wear.



Correct Uniform Worn Correctly:

When students are in the buildings they are expected to wear full uniform to a high standard of presentation. Students will be challenged by staff in cases where the standard of uniform has fallen below that expected. Our expectations of students as they move around the site during the Academy day include:

  1. Blazer on
  2. Blazer sleeves rolled down
  3. Blouse tucked in
  4. Skirts not rolled / tucked up
  5. Coat removed when in building

Prohibited items of clothing:

All items listed below are prohibited on the Academy site and will be confiscated or removed if seen:

  1. Hoodies
  2. Large patterned hair bands
  3. Nail varnish
  4. Non-uniform jumpers
  5. False nail
  6. Scarves
  7. Make-up
  8. Hats, baseball caps, etc.
  9. Jewellery (rings, bracelets, necklaces)

Hair and piercings:

Only one simple, plain gold or silver ear stud per ear is permitted.

Piercings anywhere other than the ear lobe are not acceptable. Spacers are not permitted.

Hair is to be of natural colour only - not dyed - and simple in style (no braided or shaved styles). 

Sanctions linked to incorrect uniform:

In rare cases where the presentation of a student’s uniform is not in line with the high standards expected, students will be sent to reflection until correct uniform is worn.  Parents will be contacted and students released from reflection if correct uniform is then provided.

Students who have lost their house lanyard will receive a tick on their negative impressions card, under lack of equipment.

With respect to hair styles, colour and false nails, students will remain in reflection until the issue is resolved. 

Please note that staff will not make special dispensations for the cases highlighted above and it is the responsibility of the parent/carer and the student to ensure that such situations are avoided. 

Parent notes/medical notes for uniform:

If a student has a medical reason for the need to wear modified footwear, a medical note supplied by a doctor or medical practitioner must be provided.

It is important that all parents/carers should realise the necessity of marking all garments and possessions clearly with their daughter’s name.


All students are expected to carry the basic equipment to allow them to complete class work:

  1. 30cm clear plastic pencil case
  2. 2 x green pens
  3. 2 x black pens
  4. 2 x pencils
  5. 1 x highlighter
  6. 1 x mini board dry wipe marker pen
  7. Clear plastic ruler (30cm) – not flip
  8. Coloured GW approved reading ruler
  9. Glue Stick
  10. Protractor
  11. Scientific calculator
  12. Pencil sharpener
  13. Eraser
  14. Planner (provided by the Academies)
  15. Water bottle
  16. Knowledge organiser (provided by the Academies)
  17. House lanyard and identity card (provided by the Academies. Cost to replace if lost or damaged is £2.00)
Bottled Tippex/liquid paper is not allowed in the Academy and must not be used in any work.

Full stationery kits, excluding scientific calculator, can be bought from the Academy for £3.50. Parents will be emailed with information on how to purchase stationery kits later this term.

Mobile Phones and Electronic Devices (Smart Watches)

Mobile phones and electronic devices are banned from use during the academy day. Students are permitted to keep them in their possession but must be switched off and in their bags during the Academy day. Any phone seen at any time on the Academies site will be confiscated and Parents/Carers informed.

  1. Mobile phone and electronic device use including the use of ipods and headphones is prohibited throughout the Academies
  2. Responsibility for the safekeeping of the phone belongs to the student
  3. At all times, student mobile phones must be switched off during the Academy day (8am – 4pm)
  4. Failure to submit a phone when asked will result in the student being excluded for a fixed period of time until parents/carers are met with by the relevant member of staff.


A student’s attendance is expected to be above 97%. Research indicates attendance and attainment are closely linked during a child’s secondary school education. If your daughter is ill and unable to attend, please phone the Academy before 08:30 on the first day of absence leaving your daughter’s name, tutor group and reason for absence. Alternatively contact the attendance team via email –

Every day of absence the Academy should be notified.

On your daughters’ return, please send a brief note to cover the period of absence.

Please note that no holiday will be authorised during term time.

Please refer to our Attendance policy for further information.


The Academy’s canteen is cashless. Purchases are paid for using an iPay account issued to students at the start of term. An iPay account reference link will be sent to parents which allows them to set up and control their child’s iPay account whereby they can see the balance on the account and add money online as required. Students use their finger to access the funds in their account. The finger scan generates a unique code to access the ipay account and therefore no biometric data is stored on our systems.

Any funds left on the account at the end of the year will roll over to be used in the following year.

The main benefits of this system are that it is contactless and secure; parents having full visibility of what their child has purchased each day and it is also easy to upload money onto an account. The finger scan system stops students having to bring cash into school and is a safe way to pay as the finger scan is unique to each child. Finger scanning also speeds up payment at our tills.

Our catering facility is run by a company called Caterlink, who have been with us for many years. Details, including menus and price lists, can be found on our website.

Free School Meals

To ensure complete confidentiality for students who have a Free School Meal entitlement, a daily allowance of £2.30 is automatically assigned to the student’s iPay account. Any unused balance is removed at the end of each day. Parents can login and add additional funds to their child’s account if they wish. Details and a link for parents to access their account will be emailed out at the start of term.

Please find the link below which will take you directly to the Free School Meals application form.

More information is available here.

Please note, if your child currently already receives Free School Meals, there is NO need to apply again, as their eligibility will transfer across from their primary school.

Provision for Students with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND)

At Glenmoor Academy we aim:

  1. To ensure that all students have access to a broad and balanced curriculum
  2. To provide a differentiated curriculum appropriate to the individual’s needs and abilities
  3. To ensure the identification of all students requiring additional support and those with SEND as early as possible on entry to the Academy
  4. To ensure that SEND students take as full a part as possible in all Academy activities
  5. To ensure that parents of SEND students are kept fully informed of their child’s progress and attainment
  6. To ensure that students with SEND and their parents/carers are involved in discussions and decisions affecting SEND provision
  7. To ensure that students with SEND are assisted during their transition into and out of the Academy
  8. To operate a ‘whole pupil, whole school’ approach to the management and provision of support for special educational needs
  9. In conjunction with the Medical Policy, make arrangements to support pupils with medical conditions and to have regard to statutory guidance supporting pupils with medical conditions

Students with additional needs are encouraged to develop independence and resilience at every opportunity to build confidence for their transition into post-16 education. Students are therefore included in mainstream education where practically possible and are provided with targeted additional support as required.

Range of SEND Provision:

For students identified as having additional needs, the Inclusion Team will identify the students’ needs and suitable provision. The range of provision offered at the Academy ranges depending on students’ individual needs. Support can be provided in class through quality first teaching strategies, in small groups or working 1:1 in the Inclusion Department. Following the Education Endowment Foundation research we do not have 1:1 TA's in the classroom. If students are registered as having SEND, regular assessments are carried out to monitor progress and adjust the provision if necessary. The Academy works in partnership with external agencies to provide personalised support, in addition to classroom teachers, learning coaches and our specialist assessor. 

For further details of SEND provision please contact the SENDCo Mrs Louise Burley, or Deputy SENDCo's Mr Steve Viney, Mr Matthew Marle on 01202 527818 or by e-mailing  

The Senior Designated Person for Child Protection for Glenmoor Academy is Mr R Coe. 
The Deputy Designated Safeguarding Leads are Mr D Brown (ESW), Ms A Parker, and Mr G Darwin.   

Safeguarding at Glenmoor Academy is viewed with the upmost importance. 

The Academy takes the safety, security and happiness of all students very seriously and believes every child has a right to a happy, successful and enjoyable education. The safeguarding policy at Glenmoor Academy can be found on the website (policies section) and has been developed in order to ensure ongoing compliance with Government Acts and Safeguarding legislation, the most recent of which being the 2014 Keeping Children Safe in Education document (updated, 2021). The Academy also follows the Pan Dorset Multi Agency Safeguarding Partnership procedures and ensures that ongoing training is provided to staff, students and other stakeholders in line with recommendations and the needs of the Academy.   

The Academy recognises that children have a fundamental right to be protected from harm or exploitation and that students cannot learn effectively unless they feel safe and secure. 

The Academy will, therefore, provide an environment which promotes self-confidence, a feeling of worth and the knowledge that students’ concerns will be listened to and acted upon.  Governors, staff and volunteers in this Academy understand the importance of working in partnership with children, their parents/carers and other agencies in order to promote children’s welfare. 

Further details about our Safeguarding policies and procedures can be found here

Should you have any concerns of a safeguarding nature you can contact Mr Richard Coe as Designated Safeguarding Lead on: 01202 527818 or by e-mailing 

We will provide further information regarding lockers later in the term.



Additional Documents

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