Support Staff


  • Alford, Ling, Ms
    Alford, Ling, Ms
    Dyscalculia Learning Coach 
  • Allen, Paula, Mrs
    Allen, Paula, Mrs
    Receptionist - Visitor Reception 
  • Archibold, Lisa
    Archibold, Lisa
    Deputy Exams Officer 
  • Barrett, Samantha
    Barrett, Samantha
    ACC Lead 
  • Bartlett, Susan, Mrs
    Bartlett, Susan, Mrs
    Cover Manager and Admin Support 
  • Beecroft, Belinda
    Beecroft, Belinda
    ELSA & Medical Learning Coach 
  • Bessa, Gisele
    Bessa, Gisele
    Admin Assistant 
  • Blake, Tracey, Mrs
    Blake, Tracey, Mrs
  • Bradley, Julie, Mrs
    Bradley, Julie, Mrs
    Teaching Assistant 
  • Brown, Dan, Mr
    Brown, Dan, Mr
    Education Welfare Officer 
  • Buckley, Wendy, Ms
    Buckley, Wendy, Ms
    Art Technician 
  • Burden, Amanda, Ms
    Burden, Amanda, Ms
    Admin Assistant 
  • Burfoot, Karen, Ms
    Burfoot, Karen, Ms
    Year 10 Pastoral Lead 
    Support Staff 
  • Burns, Tracy, Ms
    Burns, Tracy, Ms
    Numeracy Learning Coach 
  • Collins, Ollie, Mr
    Collins, Ollie, Mr
    Gateway Administrator 
  • Collins, Sandra, Mrs
    Collins, Sandra, Mrs
    Inclusion Co-Ordinator & EAA Assessor 
  • Collins, Zoe
    Collins, Zoe
  • Cripps, Di, Mrs
    Cripps, Di, Mrs
    Principal PA  
  • Darwin, Gavin, Mr
    Darwin, Gavin, Mr
    Year 8 Pastoral Lead 
    Support Staff 
  • Donner, Andrew, Mr
    Donner, Andrew, Mr
  • Fish, David, Mr
    Fish, David, Mr
  • Fish, Emily, Miss
    Fish, Emily, Miss
    Finance Assistant 
  • Fry, Emma, Ms
    Fry, Emma, Ms
    Head of Careers and Employability 
    Support Staff 
  • Grainger, Melanie, Mrs
    Grainger, Melanie, Mrs
    Receptionist - Student Reception 
  • Grange, Gill, Mrs
    Grange, Gill, Mrs
    PR and Marketing 
  • Green, Ashley, Mrs
    Green, Ashley, Mrs
    Gateway Manager 
  • Griffiths, Debbie, Mrs
    Griffiths, Debbie, Mrs
  • Gritt, Karen, Mrs
    Gritt, Karen, Mrs
    ASC Learning Coach 
  • Guppy, Clare
    Guppy, Clare
    Science Technician 
    Support Staff 
  • Hamilton, Leah, Ms
    Hamilton, Leah, Ms
    School Nurse 
  • Hilton-Garner, Rebecca
    Hilton-Garner, Rebecca
    ACC Lead 
    Support Staff 
  • Hopkins, Kayleigh
    Hopkins, Kayleigh
    Literacy Learning Coach 
  • Jackson, Linda, Mrs
    Jackson, Linda, Mrs
    Supervisory Assistant 
  • Jackson, Niki, Mrs
    Jackson, Niki, Mrs
    Attendance Officer 
  • King, Jodie, Miss
    King, Jodie, Miss
    MIS Manager 
  • Landman, Paul, Mr
    Landman, Paul, Mr
  • Lee, Elizabeth, Ms
    Lee, Elizabeth, Ms
    Administrative Assistant 
  • Light, Pauline, Mrs
    Light, Pauline, Mrs
    ELSA & Medical Learning Coach 
  • Lovell, Dorothy, Mrs
    Lovell, Dorothy, Mrs
    Cleaning Supervisor 
  • Lovell, Stephen, Mr
    Lovell, Stephen, Mr
  • Main, Frances, Miss
    Main, Frances, Miss
    Admin assistant 
  • Masterman, Louise, Mrs
    Masterman, Louise, Mrs
  • Masterman, Peter, Mr
    Masterman, Peter, Mr
    Site Manager 
  • Masterman, Sarah, Mrs
    Masterman, Sarah, Mrs
    Dyslexia, Processing and Memory Learning Coach 
  • Masterman, Shaun, Mr
    Masterman, Shaun, Mr
  • Mattos, Sueli
    Mattos, Sueli
  • McInerney, Emma, Mrs
    McInerney, Emma, Mrs
  • Menon, Kal, Mrs
    Menon, Kal, Mrs
    Examinations Officer 
    Support Staff 
  • Nash, Leon, Mr
    Nash, Leon, Mr
    Head of Year 9 
    Support Staff 
  • Noakes, Danielle, Ms
    Noakes, Danielle, Ms
    Year 7 Pastoral Lead 
  • Parkin, Elizabeth, Ms
    Parkin, Elizabeth, Ms
    Pastoral Leader 
  • Pell, Nigel, Mr
    Pell, Nigel, Mr
  • Peryer, Sara, Ms
    Peryer, Sara, Ms
    ADHD & Behavioural Learning Coach 
  • Pinington, Sarah
    Pinington, Sarah
    HR Administrator 
  • Rahman, Sultana, Mrs
    Rahman, Sultana, Mrs
  • Read, Sally, Mrs
    Read, Sally, Mrs
    Supervisory Assistant 
  • Sanchez, Katie, Mrs
    Sanchez, Katie, Mrs
    Admissions/Data/Timetable Co-Ordinator 
  • Short, Joanne, Miss
    Short, Joanne, Miss
    Finance Manager 
  • Taylor, Martin, Mr
    Taylor, Martin, Mr
  • Viney, Steve, Mr
    Viney, Steve, Mr
    ACC Lead and 1:1 Tutor 
  • Wartnaby, Elizabeth
    Wartnaby, Elizabeth
    Year 11 Pastoral Leader 
  • Westcott, Aiden, Mr
    Westcott, Aiden, Mr
    Speech and Language Learning Coach 
  • Wilkins, Allison, Ms
    Wilkins, Allison, Ms
    Labarotory Technician 
  • Wright, Heather, Ms
    Wright, Heather, Ms
    School Counsellor 
  • Yarandi, Oliver, Mr
    Yarandi, Oliver, Mr

High Achievement, High Standards

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