Alphabetical list of clubs available

Name of ClubSorted By Name of Club In Ascending OrderYearBrief DescriptionContact
Currently Not Running
7-8Glenmoor Only
All levels and experience welcome
Currently Not Running
10-11 Winton Only
All levels and experience welcome
Currently Not Running
7This club is now full. Cooking basic dishes and treats with Year 7.cherridge@glenmoorandwinton.org.uk
Currently Not Running
Costume Design and Making
7-10**This is for anyone Year 7 to year 10 who is interested in fashion and costume design. Someone who is creative and wants to learn the basic sewing skills. We will be designing and making the costumes for the drama and dance Christmas performance. This is a creative club. cdunning@glenmoorandwinton.org.uk
Currently Not Running
Craft Club
7-11 Knitting, crochet, sewing, painting, colouring, general crafts kjones@glenmoorandwinton.org.uk hsquires@glenmoorandwinton.org.uk santell@glenmoorandwinton.org.uk
Currently Not Running
Electric car building
9-11 Designing and building an electric single seat vehicle to perform in an endurance race in the summer term amcvean@glenmoorandwinton.org.uk
Archery9-11Limited Spaces Available. Shooting indoors and outdoors using recurve bows both competitively and for pleasureamcvean@glenmoorandwinton.org.uk
Art 7-8
New! We will focus on experimental drawing and printmaking techniques, with a focus on celebrating the diversity of art equipment and materials. Weekly outcomes will build towards a collaborative mural
Art and Graphics10-11Support and extra time to complete coursework for GCSE art and graphicsadoyle@glenmoorandwinton.org.uk / hchessher@glenmoorandwinton.org.uk
Astronomy9-10Learning about astronomy through the GCSE specificationamcvean@glenmoorandwinton.org.uk
Book club7-9 Exploring student’s choice of books, discussing as a group. Author talks/visits. bcamphor@glenmoorandwinton.org.uk
Boxing7-11 Fitness via Boxing slanahan@glenmoorandwinton.org.uk elongden@glenmoorandwinton.org.uk
Breakfast Club7-11A safe and laid back setting for students to have breakfast, chat, play board games before school starts lburley@glenmoorandwinton.org.uk
Choir7-11Open to singers of all ages and experience who want to perform and improve their singing acourage@glenmoorandwinton.org.uk
Creative Writing7-9 A club which students can come and enhance their writing skills and experiment with language techniques that will help support their English skills. Each week will consist of new styles of writing to challenge the students and take them out of their comfort zone and experiment with different genres. As well as opportunities to publish pieces in the young writers’ competition. credman@glenmoorandwinton.org.uk
Debating Society7-11 An opportunity for students to enhance their debating skills and explore a variety of social, political, and ethical issues. jtodd@glenmoorandwinton.org.uk
Drama Club7-9 Offering KS3 students an opportunity to join together as a group and rehearse small group scenes, duologues and monologues in order for us to put on a termly recital to celebrate their courage and talent hsquires@glenmoorandwinton.org.uk
Duke of Edinburgh9-10 We offer Bronze DofE (Yr 9 students) and Silver DofE (Yr 10 students). Further information will be shared via assemblies and letters home in the coming weeks mbooth@glenmoorandwinton.org.uk
Eco Club7-9 Students talk about the environment and take actions to protect it as well as promoting good ways to tackle global and local issues. mverreck@glenmoorandwinton.org.uk
Football7-11 All levels and experience welcome sbowen@glenmoorandwinton.org.uk
Guitar Club7-11 Teaching students Guitar after school epottle@glenmoorandwinton.org.uk
History Club7The bits of history not in the curriculum. Fun parts, famous faces, all the topics you wanted to know about. • Looking at historical film clips • Historical portraits • Famous people • Interesting topicshnoble@glenmoorandwinton.org.uk
International Club7-11A chance to discover things all sorts of things about other countries. From festivals, art and food to music and sport. lrichardson@glenmoorandwinton.org.uk vwatson@glenmoorandwinton.org.uk
Learn Korean7-11 Learning the Korean language for complete beginners, using Korean culture and media as part of the fun. alee@glenmoorandwinton.org.uk
Lego Robotics8-9 Designing, building and programming robots using the EV3 and Spike prime Lego robotics kits amcvean@glenmoorandwinton.org.uk
Maths Homework Club7-10 Stuck on a homework question? Bring your homework book for expert support and help.mbooth@glenmoorandwinton.org.uk
Maths Homework Help/Support7-10 A place for you to complete your Sparx or Hegarty homework in a quiet environment with the support of maths teachers mbooth@glenmoorandwinton.org.uk
Music Technology Club 7-11 Any year group who are interested in making their own music, and advanced users are also welcome to get feedback and help on their skills
A club for students to get into music technology, starting with using a simple DAW (digital audio workstation) to construct and layer music tracks, loops, samples, etc
Netball 7-11Glenmoor Only
All levels and experience welcome
PE Revision10-11 Support with revision for those taking GCSE PE sbowen@glenmoorandwinton.org.uk
Pride of Place7-11A chance to get together and enjoy each other’s company and discuss any issues that arise. This safe place is for those that identify as or with the LGBTQ+ community. Allies of GW Pride are most welcome.gzullo@glenmoorandwinton.org.uk
Production - Hansel & Gretel7-10Rehearsals for our school pantomime which will be performed during House Charity Week. Auditions 14th and 15th September, rehearsal schedule to follow kozanne@glenmoorandwinton.org.uk acourage@glenmoorandwinton.org.uk lcade@glenmoorandwinton.org.uk
Random Acts of Kindness Society7-11
New! Encouraging and doing weekly random acts of kindess. For example selecting good news from good news newspapers to distribute around the school, writing postcards/notes to peers and staff, writing postcards to external places such as care homes
Rugby7-11All levels and experience welcome sbowen@glenmoorandwinton.org.uk
Science Club7A chance to do some experiments and awards in science amcvean@glenmoorandwinton.org.uk
Squash Club9-10Glenmoor Only
New! Please contact Ms Sarah Bowen for details NB this is at West Hants and cost involved
Steel Pans7-11 Instrumental tuition on the steel pans. Learn to play a steel pan by joining a group of musically fun loving people – no previous experience required lstewart@glenmoorandwinton.org.uk
Table Top Role Playing9-11
New! Encouraging engagement with story telling, building social skills, some limited engagement with mathematics.
Textiles10-11For Textiles GCSE Students Only
New! Developing skills in textiles
Yoga & Mindfulness7-11 Yoga for young people to help release stress mverreck@glenmoorandwinton.org.uk
Young Carers7-11 For registered Young Carers only.
A chance for respite and community building for young carers.

GW PE Department - Extra Curricular

Clubs will run from straight after school until 4:15



Monday Year 7 & 8 (25 Max)
Year 10

Year 9
Tuesday Year 7 & 8

Year 9, 10 & 11
Year 7 - BRE
Year 8 - KKH
  All Years - Badminton - PE Staff
Wednesday All Years
Year 7 & 8 - OCO
Year 9 - BCA

Year 9, 10 & 11

  Academic PE Revision - SBO/LBE
Thursday Year 9, 10 & 11

Year 7 & 8 - LFA & CWH

Year 10 & 11

Year 11 - LLI
Glenmoor changing for the girls and Winton for the boys.
Please meet outside changing rooms at the end of the day.

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