Duke of Edinburgh Award

Welcome to DofE at Glenmoor and Winton.  We hope that this page will provide everything you need to know about the DofE scheme at GW.
If there is anything you feel is missing or you would like to discuss further please contact us on the details in the ‘contact’ section.

DofE Letters

MBO 24.pdf 171KB MBO 24.10 Bronze Welcome Letter
Silver Launch letter 2019.pdf 184KB Silver Launch Letter 2019
MMA 22.11 Silver Welcome letter 2019.pdf 176KB MMA 22.11 Silver Welcome letter 2019
MBO  Bronze Training Schedule.pdf 192KB MBO Bronze Training Schedule
MMA 13.12 Mini DofE launch - Year 8.pdf 170KB MMA 13.12 Mini DofE launch - Year 8
13.12 MMA Silver DofE training plan.pdf 187KB 13.12 MMA Silver DofE training plan
14.02 - MMA - Practise DofE letter.pdf 320KB 14.02 - MMA - Practise DofE letter
14.02 - MMA - Practise DofE - Medical form.pdf 365KB 14.02 - MMA - Practise DofE - Medical form
24.03 - MBO - DofE Letter.pdf 293KB 24.03 - MBO - DofE Letter
13017 Letter to assessor.pdf 56KB 13017 Letter to assessor

Latest News

Training Schedule.pdf 423KB Bronze Training Schedule
Groups and Training.pdf 434KB Bronze Groups and Training

Choosing Activities

Here are the files to help you choose activities. There may be something you want to do that isn’t on a list – if so please talk to your DofE leader about it.
programme-ideas-Physical.pdf 77KB Programme Ideas: Physical
programme-ideas-Skills.pdf 79KB Programme Ideas: Skills
programme-ideas-volunteering.pdf 33KB Programme Ideas: Volunteering
Programme-Planner-preparation-for-eDofE.pdf 385KB Programme Planner

Key Dates

Meeting Dates:


Expedition Dates:

Bronze Practice 6 – 7 May
Bronze qualifying 2 – 3 July
Silver Practice 25-27 March
Silver Qualifying 8-10 July


eDofE PArticipants Guide.pdf 807KB Participants Guide
eDofE_usernames_and_passwords_guide.pdf 128KB Usernames and Passwords Guide

Assessor Reports

Assessor reports have to be completed for each section.  Your assessor can be any adult as long as they are not directly related to the participant.
The assessor would normally be the person leading the activity i.e. football coach or piano teacher.
If you are struggling to find an assessor then your DofE leader can write your report (please ask them first).
You will need to provide them with a diary of what you have done each week and how you have improved.

Assessors need to provide a written report in one of 2 ways:

  1. The best way is via edofe.org/assessor.  You just need to give them your eDofE ID number and it is fairly straight forward from there.

Alternatively, they can fill in the assessor report card in your welcome pack.  You will then need to photograph/scan the card and upload it to eDofE yourself.


Bronze - mbooth@glenmoorandwinton.org.uk

Silver - mmarshall@glenmoorandwinton.org.uk

Useful Downloads

Expedition Kit List 2018.pdf 245KB Expedition Kit List
100 glenmoor.PNG 256KB How to Pack a Rucksack
Food advice for expeditions.pdf 998KB Food Advice for Expeditions
eDofE usernames.pdf 407KB eDofE Usernames
DofE_Expedition_Menu_Planner_2019.pdf 616KB DofE Expedition Menu Planner

Expedition Kit List 2019.pdf 275KB Expedition Kit List 2019
How-to-pack-your-DofE-rucksack-April-2018.pdf 284KB How to pack your DofE rucksack

Kit Exhibition Downloads

kit talk booklet.pdf 344KB Kit Talk Booklet
Parents Meeting presentation 2020.pdf 265KB Parents Meeting Presentation 2020

Useful Links

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