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What is the Grammar Stream?

In 2014, we listened to popular requests from local families who said they wanted their children to be challenged (in a similar way to grammar schools) and given greater opportunities, but that they also preferred a more inclusive approach to education.

As a result, Glenmoor & Winton Academies were the first schools in the area to establish a Grammar Stream. Ultimately, it is our version of a grammar school education within a secondary comprehensive environment. Our goals are simple:

  • We aim to inspire all of our Grammar Stream students, regardless of wealth, gender, race or religion to attend a top university – and we will provide the skills to make it a reality.
  • We want to enhance the holistic development of our students, by developing their all-round skills and personality.

The Grammar Stream aims to prepare well-rounded individuals, who are successful in their academic studies throughout their lives, and who are equipped to lead others as they overcome all obstacles.


How do students get into the Grammar Stream?

Entrance into the Grammar Stream is achieved, in Year 6, by two ways:

Path 1:  Anyone who has passed a local grammar school entrance examination gains automatic admission into our Grammar Stream.

Path 2:  Students take the G&W Grammar Stream entrance examination, which usually takes place in late-March. The exam consists of 2 papers (taken on the same day)

  • Paper 1 = English (60 minutes)
  • Paper 2 = Maths (45 minutes)

We select the best suited for the Grammar Stream.


How successful is the Grammar Stream?

Below is our most recent OFSTED report, which gives particular credit to our Grammar Stream.

OFSTED Report (June 2018):  “Four years ago, you decided to create a grammar stream so that the most able can excel, and this has been the case. These pupils are stretched and challenged well; they are enthusiastic about their studies and have an excellent rapport with their teachers. The motivating climate created by staff in the school allows these pupils to ask for support and help when necessary. Consequently, the most able are making better progress and are on track to achieve significantly above the national average.” 

Further proof of the success of our Grammar Stream can be seen in our 2018 GCSE results. In terms of Progress 8 scores, Winton Academy achieved +0.61 for high prior attaining (‘HPA’) students and Glenmoor Academy +0.91 for high prior attainers – both scores demonstrate that the more-able students on-roll at G&W are making excellent progress. In fact, in 2018 they made greater progress than any other school in the area.

In 2018, Glenmoor Academy was rated the 36th best school (of all types) in the entire country.



What do we expect from our Grammar Stream students?

All of the GS students are expected to abide by the following principles:

  • Remain amongst the highest-attaining students in formal assessments
  • Be active in school activities
  • Participate in extra-curricular activities
  • Offer leadership to others & be positive role-models
  • Maintain high attendance levels
  • Aspiring to attend a top university


How does the Grammar Stream differ from normal classes?

We offer the following to GS students:

  • Master Classes (KS4)
  • Higher Education guidance & Career advice
  • Extra trips
  • Rewards for completion of the ‘GS Way’
  • Leadership & role-model opportunities
  • Voluntary Music scholarships
  • Adapted pastoral and tutor support.
  • Tracking their performance & involvement


    How do we foster holistic growth within the GS?

  • Whilst ‘academic achievement’ is extremely important, we are also keen to develop our students’ holistic growth. The main way we accomplish this is via our policy of ‘Education with Character’.

    Core Purpose of providing Education with Character:

  • To support children to develop character, compassion and service and be able them to look back on joyful schooling which has inspired and challenged them, given them wide opportunity and prepared them for the ups and downs of life.

We support our students to:

  • be thoughtful and caring towards others;
  • be courageous and resilient when overcoming obstacles;
  • be optimistic and persist in the face of difficulties;
  • manage yourself (e.g. time, organisation, planning, ambition);
  • work independently on activities that are challenging;
  • work effectively with others and in teams to achieve wider goals;
  • to lead others
  • contribute to your school community and to wider society
  • have ambition to give your best and to be your best
  • be proactive in becoming a life-long learner.

Click to contact the Grammar Stream Co-ordinator here.

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